How to Turn Your Activities into Company Christmas Party Events

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December is right around the corner, and in the world of business that can mean only one thing: it’s company Christmas party season. And as tradition has it, it’s time for companies to get together outside of their normal nine-to-five to team build, share some food and drinks and ring in the Holidays. But today, more and more businesses are looking beyond this classic format for alternative ways to celebrate — and this is proving a lucrative opportunity for tour and activity providers.

Company Christmas parties are great because they give operators the potential to fill entire days with a single booking. They’re also an excellent way to come into contact with potential customers, since each participant isn’t deciding for him or herself whether to give your activities a try. And of course they’re perfect for getting a slice of that Christmas revenue pie, too. But business customers are a different animal than your normal clients, and it often requires a slightly different approach — as well as special conditions — to get them in the door. Here are a few tips to help you start the Christmas party season off right:

Tip 1 — Treat your Christmas party events as separate activities

Tip 2 — Create a separate area on your website dedicated to your Christmas party activity listings

Tip 3 — Make your B2B activity descriptions and pictures a bit more formal

It often takes more than just Christmas-themed activities to get business customers to commit to a booking. However, theming is still very important at this time of year, and there are some simple-yet-effective things you can do to get folks in the Christmas mood.

We recommend setting up a separate area on your website dedicated to company Christmas party events and activities and adding attention-grabbing elements such as colors, icons or buttons to your homepage to let business customers know it’s there. The descriptions and visuals in your B2B area should be appropriate for the target audience. Try to make your activity descriptions and visuals a tad more serious, and be sure to emphasize that your tours and activities are well-structured and backed by high-quality service your customers can rely on.

Tip 4 — Use bookingkit’s B2B features

As you probably guessed, bookingkit comes with a range of useful B2B features to help you target and serve business customers. These let you create customized listings at the drop of a hat without having to change your existing activities and events.

4 features to help you maximize your company Christmas party game

Manual bookings/reservations

Manual bookings and reservations let you decouple your company Christmas party activities and events from the rest of your listings while keeping everything in the same system. This also makes things easier for B2B customers, since they can opt out of the booking process and simply let you handle everything for them. The reservation feature in particular provides an excellent overview of different aspects of the booking process, including the request for a formal offer and the subsequent time period within which the reservation needs to be confirmed or canceled. Check out our help article to learn more about creating reservations.

Invoice payments

Another useful B2B feature is the option to select a specific payment method for manual bookings and reservations. For business customers, the payment method of choice is often invoice. And configuring your bookings to include invoice payments is as easy as it is essential. To learn more about invoice payments, visit the bookingkit help portal.

Extended price levels

Want to offer custom pricing options for business customers and/or company Christmas party events without affecting your existing pricing structure? No problem! With the Erweiterte Preisstufen module in bookingkit you can add extra tier prices to each activity or event as well as specify which prices are visible to customers on your website and which ones aren’t. Plus, all your standard payment options are automatically available for use on new tier prices as well. Interested? Learn how to activate the Erweiterte Preisstufen module here.

Internal cross-selling

Cross-selling is an effective way to boost sales with extra products and services. And this is especially true for B2B customers. So, take some time to think about which add-on products and services would go well with your company Christmas party events. Some good examples include snacks, drinks, souvenir photos, participation certificates and merchandise. Treat your company Christmas party event as a full package, complete with add-on products and services. This makes the booking process a lot easier for business customers and creates a welcome reduction in the amount of organizational work required on their part. You can also consider offering premium upgrades such as extra decorations, corporate theming or even a visit from Santa. To learn more about how to add cross-selling to your activities and events, check out our help article.

An extra tip:

Just like with your non-public tier prices, cross-selling items can be limited to internal use for manual bookings. To remove a pricing tier from your checkout, simply uncheck “Offer product at checkout”.

Vanessa Judas
Vanessa is an expert in the activities industry and a member of the online marketing team at bookingkit. When she's not looking for current trends and the latest tips and tricks from the leisure industry, she likes to be active and to explore the hotspots of Berlin.


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