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In addition to selling through your own channels, especially your homepage and social media profiles and, if applicable, your own website, you have two other important pillars at your disposal to attract as many and new potential end customers as possible and thus multiply the reach for selling your experience:

Online Marketplaces / OTAs

On the one hand, there are established online marketplaces with different focuses – from regional to international or specialized in certain market segments, i.e. outdoor, cooking courses or gifts. These companies, which focus exclusively on selling experiences, often reach an audience of millions and have completely different possibilities or budgets in the areas of advertising, SEO, ratings, recommendations, etc.

However, as a provider you normally have to contact each of these platforms individually, make a separate agreement and manually manage your profile. Examples of international sales platforms can be found in this blog article.

Your own Partner Network / Reseller

Another way to boost your ticket sales is to have your own resellers, such as a local travel agency, hotels and guesthouses in your city, the tourist information office or actually any other company that helps you sell tickets in exchange for a commission.

Here you will certainly have less reach per partner, but due to the physical proximity to your business you will have a higher chance of selling. And above all, you have direct access, maybe even a personal connection. Similar to the larger platforms, individual agreements are necessary. Now all that’s necessary is a seamless sales process, because only with a quick and clear procedure will the hotel receptionist actually manage to resell your tickets, thus making the added effort pay off for both you and them.

Four key challenges in developing your partner network

Given your limited resources, you do not want to have to choose between these two pillars and you are right to ask yourself whether and how your invested time for the development of your partner network is worth it. Unfortunately, the enormous potential is also confronted with three major challenges:

  • The need for individual agreements with major online marketplaces

  • Clear, simple processes for sales through sales partners

  • Management and overview of all connected partners

The biggest hurdle, even if you succeed in solving all three challenges mentioned above, is the maintenance of all connections afterwards – especially keeping your availabilities updated, as well as the stored descriptions, prices, etc. Of course, this also includes your own sales website.

  • Synchronization of availabilities across all sales channels



How can these challenges be solved?

With bookingkit’s digital booking solution, the brand new bookingkit Reach and our Channel Manager you can overcome all challenges at once – through digital management, one-click partner activation and automated synchronization! 


Ticket sales on your website (basis)

First of all, bookingkit provides you with an easy-to-integrate tool to sell tickets, vouchers and additional products via your website, including the creation of booking documents, payment processing, billing, cancellation management and customer communication.


Direct access and activation of international marketing partner network

In addition, we have built up a broad international partner network in recent years and made this available to all our users. This gives you direct access to the big players in the industry! With just one click you can connect your bookingkit account with as many partners as you like, such as GetYourGuide, Viator, Reserve with Google, Musement, Klook or Tiqets and your tickets will be offered on a commission basis to millions of international customers. The corresponding agreements with the platforms are simply concluded digitally.


Easy (re)selling with bookingkit Reach

With the brand new bookingkit Reach we also provide you with a tool to connect your marketing partners. In return they get an easy to use, attractive opportunity to generate additional sales and profits. The tool is free for sales partners and does not require any installation – a simple login is all that is needed. The sales process itself, including ticket printing or sending, invoicing and documentation, is up to 90 percent faster than usual and therefore highly profitable. 


bookingkit Reach advantages for your sales partners:

  • Absolutely free of charge for your resellers
  • No installation required for them either
  • Existing availabilities are immediately visible
  • Easy booking, selling and immediate ticket download
  • Automatic invoicing and documentation
  • Every ticket sold brings an agreed commission!

bookingkit Reach benefits for you:

  • No installation required, just login to the platform
  • Reservations can be made digitally, 24/7
  • No need for coordination in person, over the phone, via email, etc.
  • Your experience information and availabilities are updated in real-time
  • Freely selectable commission for resellers

More information about bookingkit Reach can be found here.


All data and availabilities of your partner network are 100% synchronized

With the bookingkit Channel Manager all information about your offer and remaining availabilities are synchronized in real time across all connected sales channels – automatically without any manual reconciliation or additional login procedures. To optimize your sales, you can assign quotas to individual channels and offer more tickets through more lucrative partners.

You have full control at all times and keep track of bookings, cancellations, sales per customer and platform as well as your commissions within your bookingkit account. The intelligently prepared information helps you to benefit from campaigns of the major platforms and to carry out your own marketing activities on your website or together with local / regional resellers.


Extra note on ticket validation: If you use the bookingkit app, a handheld device or a turnstile system for admission control, bookingkit is also able to map and simplify these processes – no matter through which channel the respective ticket was purchased.

You can get a detailed overview of the bookingkit Channel Manager’s capabilities here.


If you would like to benefit from the bookingkit network, integrate your own sales partners and manage everything automatically in one place – then let bookingkit introduce itself in a short, individual demo.

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