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Digitising your ticket sales through partner companies and building your own sales network is only a few clicks away thanks to bookingkit Reach! Just invite your contacts in hotels, tourist information offices, travel agencies or any other partner company to connect with you on bookingkit Reach – at no extra cost! 

In contrast to our existing marketing network, bookingkit Reach allows you to determine your own potential sales channels: 

With bookingkit Reach you enable any company of your choice to buy your tickets digitally and resell your experiences automatically – with real-time availability and automatic documentation! Your local hotel, international travel agencies and tour operators, local DMOs or your existing resellers become part of your own strong sales network. Just add new sellers, as many as you like!

And we promise you that it has never been quicker, easier or more convenient for sellers to resell experience offers!

bookingkit Reach advantages for you as a supplier:

  • No installation, just connect on the platform
  • Access to all offers for affiliated resellers
  • Up-to-date information and availability in real time
  • Freely selectable commission for resellers
  • Automated reports on tickets sold per reseller

It is of course also a good idea to contact your preferred sellers personally to provide additional information and a context why using our platform is not only in your interest but ultimately in theirs as well. This will make it easier to convince them to switch their process to bookingkit Reach.

bookingkit Reach benefits for sales partners:

  • Absolutely free of charge for your resellers
  • No installation required
  • Existing availabilities immediately visible
  • Easy booking, selling and immediate ticket creation
  • Automatic invoicing and documentation
  • Every ticket sold brings an agreed commission

You can find more information in our free flyer or on our bookingkit Reach landing Page. Or you can watch our short video!


This is how you start your bookingkit Reach sales network:

  1. In your bookingkit account, go to the “Reach” tab with the rocket and click on “Invite a reseller”.
  2. Then enter all information about your desired sales partner and send the invitation.
  3. Your sales partner will receive a message from us, must also confirm his intention and will then be qualified, activated and have access to your offers on bookingkit Reach.
  4. At the end you will both be notified and the sale can start!

One, two, … MANY!

You can send this invitation to as many sales partners as you like. That’s even a good idea, because with every additional bookingkit Reach sales partner you increase your reach and at the same time generate stable sales from a variety of sales channels. And all this with incredibly little effort! 

UPDATE: It’s so easy that after only a few days, more than 200 companies have been invited to become bookingkit Reach Sales Partners – and now ticket sales are taking off! And bookingkit customers love the platform too: After all, every digital connection to a partner company saves hours of time and effort for manual bookings, coordination and invoicing.

Not a bookingkit user yet? No problem! Just arrange a short demo and get access to your very own starting point of an extensive sales network.


Christian Blume
Christian is Online Marketing Manager at bookingkit and writes about trends and tips for tour and leisure experience providers. In his spare time he loves to travel and discover new exciting places with his camera.


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