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Let’s face it — we can’t all be natural born marketing gurus. No matter how much you love what you do, sometimes you need a little help with the marketing part of your business so that you can focus on other things, such as managing customer relations and planning new tours, activities and events. With bookingkit’s Channel Manager, you can easily market your tours and activities on a wide range of major and specialized platforms, including mydays, GetYourGuide and Outdooractive. The Channel Manager saves you time and puts you in touch with millions of potential customers at the touch of a button. Each platform in the Channel Manager is designed to attract as many customers as possible and deliver real results (i.e. bookings) using large-scale marketing campaigns. And you can get a slice of the action, too!


The benefits of using marketing partners:

  • Millions of potential customers at the touch of a button
  • Access to new target groups via recommendations
  • Large-scale marketing campaigns
  • Less time and money spent on your own marketing activities
  • Simple quota allotment
  • Better use of capacities through targeted promotion of available spots

A quick note about commissions: bookingkit provides you and your business with favorable conditions in exchange for a small commission. Normally, you only pay a commission on successful bookings. This is in stark contrast to running your own marketing campaigns, where you never know for sure if your fliers, banners or trade show booths are going to pay off and rope in new customers. Plus, with bookingkit, you can allot individual quotas to each marketing partner to find out which ones bring home the bacon and are better suited to promoting your tours and activities. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

How to activate all platforms at once

The bookingkit Channel Manager lets you turn on all marketing platforms with a single click. Simply select the max commission you want to pay, activate all platforms and confirm: That’s it, your tours and activities are now accessible throughout our entire marketing network and will be automatically promoted through new marketing partners as they’re added, provided they meet the conditions you’ve selected. You can tell which platforms are turned on by the green icon next to the platform name.

You can turn individual platforms off as needed or deactivate all of them in a single go using the automated feature. To learn more, check out our help article on this topic.


Which platforms does bookingkit support?

Below we’ve put together a table of some of the most important marketing platforms available through bookingkit. Click on a platform to see more detailed information about it and to find out if it’s a good fit for your tours and activities. You can turn on all of the platforms listed here in a single go using the automated feature in the Channel Manager (described above), or you can turn on select platforms individually by clicking their activation icons. To learn more about each marketing platform, sign in to your bookingkit back end or visit our knowledge database.

Viator/Trip AdvisorCity tours, events and cultureInternational
GetYourGuideCity tours, events and cultureInternational
mydaysAll branchesGermany, Austria, Switzerland
erlebnisgeschenke.deAll branchesGermany
GeschenkideeAll branchesInternational, focus: Germany, Italy, France
rent-a-guideCity tours, events and cultureInternational, focus: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
JollydaysAll branchesGermany, Austria, Switzerland
Marketing NetworkVariousGermany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium
MusementCity tours, events and cultureInternational, primarily Italy, France and Germany
Berlin.deCity tours, events and culture, food and drinkBerlin
escaperoomgames.deEscape RoomsGermany
kochschule.deFood and drinkGermany

Booking system and Channel Manager in one: your entire business at a glance

Having an integrated Channel Manager in your booking system lets you keep track of your calendar, bookings, customer communications, coupons and gift certificates, merchandising and all connected marketing partners using a single piece of software. This lets you control the whats, whens and wheres of your business from a central location and save time by using the system’s built-in automated processes, for example, to send invoices and after sales emails and to manage your revenue. Click here to learn more about the many advantages of using bookingkit.


Frank Scheibe
Frank is a tours and activities industry expert. He reports on the latest facts, figures and trends in the bookingkit blog and the bookingkit newsletter. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his kids and family, playing sports and eating good food.


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