OneDayChef: Interview with Matteo Ferroni

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Can you introduce yourself and your company?

I am Matteo Ferroni, I am a chef and I manage a cooking school in Rome; I organize cooking classes with important chefs for the Italian public and I personally do cooking classes for foreign tourists on holiday in my city.


Why did you decide to use bookingkit? / What were the issues you faced before using bookingkit?

I decided to develop the online booking to simplify the course enrolment procedure, since, ours, is a very small family business and we needed to take away some work and automate it with software.

How did bookingkit help you solve this issues?

Since we use the Bookingkit system we have an incredibly better selling method; we sell the courses with a much more streamlined procedure that saves me time and effort because I put my service online and people have the ability to buy with a click via credit card or paypal; moreover, everything is synchronized with other portals on which my services are on sale and I can manage customers with a simplicity and unique speed.

What do you like the most in bookingkit?

Bookingkit provides an excellent software that helps us enormously but above all has a real customer care, extraordinary, in which the customer is never left alone but is always followed to help him to exploit the full potential of the system.
If I have any questions or problems to solve I am quickly contacted by my consultant and we can solve, maybe we Italians are not used to such an impeccable service … but the company is German and therefore a guarantee of reliability and accuracy.

What do you want to improve in the future, using bookingkit?

for the future I will try to expand the services I sell both on my site and on other portals that work with bookingkit and maybe study other options to add to the courses that we already do.


Vanessa Judas
Vanessa is an expert in the activities industry and a member of the online marketing team at bookingkit. When she's not looking for current trends and the latest tips and tricks from the leisure industry, she likes to be active and to explore the hotspots of Berlin.


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