7 simple tips: How to make Halloween a crowd puller

Tipps & Tricks  Frank Scheibe

Halloween is one of the oldest festivals that still exists. Even after more than 1000 years the creepy night has lost nothing of its fascination. Quite the opposite. More and more people all over the world love to dress up, scare others and spook themselves. And this growing popularity also means that every year Halloween sales increase.

In the USA, around 2.4 billion dollars are spent on Halloween every year, and the celebration is also becoming increasingly important for the European market. In Germany alone, the turnover in recent years has been around 200 million each year – and increasing.

On October 31st it’s time again and costumes and sweets are bought before then. But an important question remains for many party people: Where to go for this creepy night? This is where you come into play. How can you benefit on Halloween and offer your customers the perfect experience? We help you with 7 simple tips and give you inspiration for your individual offers with a few concrete examples.

On the cobwebs, ready, go!

1. Use the opportunity to address your regular customers!

Halloween is a great occasion to get in touch with your regular customers with new offers. You can do this in many different ways. Just use flyers, social media posts or a newsletter. For best results, use multiple communication channels simultaneously. Don’t lose any time, because you can’t start early enough with the right customer communication.

2. Draw attention with a special Halloween look!

Bring the horror to your communication channels. Be it your website, your Facebook account, or a story on Instagram, use Halloween-style designs to increase your customers’ interest. Classics such as pumpkin, witch hat and bats are a must.


bookingkit 7 einfache tipps fuer halloween design
Source: https://www.urlaubsguru.de/reisemagazin/halloween-im-freizeitpark/

3. Create scary experiences

You offer city tours? Why don’t you show your clients the scary places in your city and tell them eerie but true stories. Get inspiration from proven horror experts like Dungeon Berlin or Gruseltouren Berlin. You run an Escape Room? Then it’s time for a different kind of Halloween experience. At Exit Games Stuttgart, the scariest night of the year is all about a bloody series of murders and the search for the culprit. Besides real actors, surprises and additional puzzles, there is also a welcome drink.

bookingkit 7 einfache Tipps für Halloween
Source: https://www.exitgames-stuttgart.de/escape-rooms/blutrausch/


In the Grusellabyrinth NRW, guests even have more than a month to be frightened. With an exciting program and live monsters, the Bottropers attract their customers not only on 31.10.


bookingkit 7 einfache Tipps für Halloween
Source: https://grusellabyrinth.de/


And Movie Park is not going to miss the opportunity to create a whole festival for Halloween, as it does every year. The organizers rely on annually changing attractions and current highlights. This way, they make sure that even customers who have already participated in the past book the event.


bookingkit 7 einfache Tipps für Halloween Movie Park
Quelle: https://www.movieparkgermany.de/


The whole thing also works of course a bit more relaxed. From horror photo course to creative workshops and fancy baking courses. There are no limits to your imagination.


bookingkit 7 einfache Tipps für Halloween Motivtorte
Source: www.mrsugartool.de


4. Wrap your existing experiences in a spooky costume!

How can you link Halloween to your existing offerings? Get creative and think about how you can incorporate elements like ghosts, monsters, torches, and candy into your experience, maybe ending your tour with a campfire and spooky stories, or preparing the perfect pumpkin soup together in a cooking class. Additional products that are automatically added to your booking can increase your sales even more. Which festival is better suited to offer creepy masks for your experience? You will also kill two birds with one stone, because your guests will comply with the hygiene regulations at the same time.

No matter what you decide on: Just let your creativity run free.

5. Use the campaigns of your marketing partners!

Take a regular look at your activated marketing partners – you will surely find one or two specials on Halloween there! With bookingkit you can control exactly which contingents you sell where. Maybe this is also a good opportunity to activate new marketing partners like GetYourGuide or Jollydays.

6. Enliven your business with vouchers or discounts!

Get your coupon offer in Halloween mood! Offer different voucher categories or attract participants with discounts and special offers on a certain date – for example, October 31st!

7. Work with references or create new ones!

Halloween is not that new to you? Why don’t you pull out the photos from last year and convince your customers with references? Besides, now would be a very good time to create references in the form of photos, videos or customer reviews – because next year is Halloween again, at the latest!

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Frank Scheibe
Frank is a tours and activities industry expert. He reports on the latest facts, figures and trends in the bookingkit blog and the bookingkit newsletter. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his kids and family, playing sports and eating good food.


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