360° Booking Solution for Museums and Attractions

bookingkit offers an all-in-one solution, specifically designed to address the needs of Museums and Attractions. Integrate tickets bought through your website with those purchased on-site, using any payment method, in one centralized system. Thanks to our vast network of distribution partners, gain unprecedented reach and sell tickets worldwide with just a couple of clicks. bookingkit is the only system directly partnered with the largest marketing channels in Asia, thus opening your doors to one of the largest markets in the world.

Sell More Tickets

Sell more tickets through our completely personalizable checkout system, installed directly on your website.

Boost Customer Experience

Provide an easy, hassle-free booking and ticket validation process for your customers

Grow Your Reach

Distribute your tickets to marketing channels all over the world with just a couple clicks.

360° Ticketing System

Bring your online and offline ticketing systems together to offer your visitors an excellent, frictionless experience, from start to finish. A ticket is purchased on your website, downloaded to the visitor’s smartphone, and redeemed on-site, scanned directly at the turnstyle without the need for a ticket exchange.

Whether you already have a ticketing system or you are yet to set one up, bookingkit has a solution for you. We partner and integrate directly with the most prevalent ticketing POS systems, to ensure a seamless experience for both your employees and visitors, and our software fits right into your existing ecosystem without the need for complicated development. For those who do not yet have an established ticketing system, bookingkit offers its own Ticket Scanner App and Cash Desk systems for a truly 360° service.

Centralized Administration

Bookings, Channels and Customer Data all in one place and synchronized in real time. Get an immediate overview on booking revenue from both on-and offline sources, and gain a comprehensive overview of your performance across all connected channels from within our platform.

Take greater control of peak visitor times and volumes to maximize profits, offering different time slots on your website and flexible pricing depending on date and time. As all bookings are managed by one system, you can better leverage your customer data to boost loyalty and repeat visits through features like our in-built email campaign manager, or in connection with external CRM tools.

Grow Your Reach

Gain access to millions of new visitors thanks to bookingkit’s extensive network of worldwide direct syndication partner channels. Not only will you promote your attraction on the most important European and American portals like TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide and Expedia, you can also sell your tickets through the largest experience marketing platforms in Asia through our exclusive cooperations with Ctrip and Waug.

But we did not stop there. We want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to book tours and activities, and what’s easier than booking directly from Google Search results, without having to leave the window? Thanks to our partnership with Reserve with Google, potential visitors can now buy tickets directly from Search Results as well as on Google Maps, ensuring that your visitors can book you directly in their searching process and helping you further stand out against your competition.

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