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The booking solution for easy online coupons

Perfect for sailing courses, canoe rides and paragliding

Easy booking for thrills and chills? With bookingkit, your services are bookable from anywhere. Whether for white water rafting, canoe rides, sailing, surfing, skydiving or paragliding — with bookingkit, your customers are just a click away from the ride of their lives. Boost your exposure with bookingkit's extensive marketing network and provide your customers with a sense of calm before the storm of their choice.

  • More time

    Thanks to bookingkit's intelligent organization tools, our customers spend 40% less time on administrative tasks.

  • More revenue

    Online and mobile booking. Turn your website's traffic into cash.

  • Easy integration

    bookingkit can work on any website and includes a host of integrated marketing partners.

Take your business digital!

bookingkit provides you with everything you need to get your business up and running online and on mobile devices. No technical knowledge is required. The platform can be automatically integrated into your website in a matter of minutes, complete with your brand’s colors and fonts. Complete business management in a single software solution — that’s bookingkit.

Automated online payment processing
and complete coupon management

bookingkit is the all-in-one solution for automating your online business. The platform gives your customers the comfort and convenience of online payments in advance of their booked activities. All standard payment methods are integrated in the system at no extra cost to you. And bookingkit's convenient coupon management tool helps you significantly boost revenue with coupons available around the clock. The perfect gift for all occasions.

More revenue, enhanced overview, and more time for what matters most! bookingkit is the all-in-one solution for your business.

Try out bookingkit for free! Start today and enjoy a 7-day free trial period without any obligation.

Everything at a glance!
Keep your calendar and revenue in view

bookingkit is complete business management in a single software solution: all your appointments, activities, bookings, requests and cancellations are always at a glance. Plus much more. If you’re always on the go, you need a solution that can give you the information you need quickly. bookingkit provides customized revenue analysis that fits your business. Keep your capacities and utilization in view, conduct analyses and optimize your business whenever you need to.

100% mobile management with bookingkit

Take advantage of the many possibilities offered by mobile end devices and regulate admissions with QR codes.

And we get more and more partners...

Take your business to the next level -
more exposure, more revenue

bookingkit gives you the tools to improve both how you market your business and how you manage your sales channels. Take advantage of our sales network to get in touch with 360 million potential customers each month. Market your business and services on our partner platforms — including TripAdvisor, EventimGuide and many others — to boost your exposure and bring in new target groups.

Bookings made easy for your business! Organize your administrative tasks better and get bookings online at any time.

Award-winning business management! Put your business in safe hands with bookingkit.

Unsurpassed analytics for capacity forecasting and optimization.

Untapped potential:
let business analytics show you the way

bookingkit’s built-in analytics tools give you valuable insight into your business — from the big picture to the smallest of details. Capacity utilization, sales channels and revenue are evaluated and displayed in a clear and easy-to-understand layout. A quick glance is all it takes to know where your customers are coming from and which sales channels are bringing in the most business. All your essential metrics are right where you can see them, allowing you to quickly optimize your business and unleash the power of untapped potential.

  • our customers


    Wasser Anbieter


    We are all passionate about our water activities – but less passionate about our paperwork. That’s why we are very happy to have found bookingkit. Bookingkit enables our customers to make online bookings and pay online. In that way, we can focus on what we’re really good at: providing our customers with a great watersports activity. We have less incoming phone calls and generate more revenue.

bookingkit has a lot more to offer

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Many of bookingkit’s additional features will make your work easier in the future and will give you a real boost in revenue. Find out more and try out bookingkit for 7 days free of charge, without any obligation!

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Absolute security for your business

In your line of work, reliability is key. bookingkit gives you the tools and resources you need to provide services your customers can depend on.

bookingkit gives you unlimited bandwidth, indefinite contractual periods, and weekly payouts on your generated revenue. No long waiting periods or strict payout conditions to collect the money you’ve earned. And with our outstanding payment partners, you can rest assured that your money is on its way and in accordance with current financial directives.


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