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As no activities can be carried out at present due to curfews and contact bans, there is only one obvious option for tour, activity & attraction providers: shift the timing of the actual experience in the future, but generate revenue now! This is achieved through voucher sales, which is an ideal Easter present regardless.  So…

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Over the past few days, the media has published numerous reports and surveys on the subject of summer holidays: Where will people spend their holidays? Which destinations are being considered? Which countries are opening their borders? How much money will people spend? etc. From this we can now deduce two positive trends for tours, activities…

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Amidst your personal frustration about a renewed closure of your Tour, Activity or Attraction, do not forget that your participants are also disappointed. They were looking forward to a great experience, wanted to redeem a gift or treat themselves after the first lockdown.  Since we are all in this situation together, you should definitely make…

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The corona crisis has brought global tourism to a standstill and it will take some time before the sales figures of 2019 can be reached again. The lockdown will not last forever and, in the meantime, attractions and leisure activities in Europe are slowly starting to reopen their doors to visitors again. Some operators still…

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Christmas is and remains the most important sales occasion for the retail industry. Revenues for the traditional festive season have been rising continuously for years. In 2019 alone, Christmas sales in Germany exceeded 100 billion euros. And, of course, suppliers of tours, activities and attractions can also benefit from customers’ increased willingness to buy. And…

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Especially during this Christmas season, operators of tours, activities and attractions are faced with the big question of what measures they need to take to ensure the stability of their business in 2020. For many companies, December tends to be one of the months with the highest turnover, especially for indoor activities which are not…

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Selling vouchers at Christmas is definitely worth it – and especially this year! Because vouchers are not only perfectly suited for every age and interest group, but they are also flexible in terms of the redemption date. But vouchers do not only offer a whole range of advantages to the presentee or the giver himself…

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There will be no big company Christmas parties this year. Not only is the legal framework missing, but so is largely the “party mood.” As a result, some, especially larger companies will postpone or simply cancel their Christmas party. But alternatively, we expect a strong increase in company Christmas parties on a team level in…

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Halloween is one of the oldest festivals that still exists. Even after more than 1000 years the creepy night has lost nothing of its fascination. Quite the opposite. More and more people all over the world love to dress up, scare others and spook themselves. And this growing popularity also means that every year Halloween…

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You want to attract customers from the region with your experience and improve your local marketing, but you don’t know how? In addition to offline advertising, social media and online travel agencies (OTAs), one important point for your local success strategy is often neglected – your website. On your website, interested visitors can find all…

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