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One of the central terms and basic requirements for reopening in the area of tours, activities & attractions is audience flow management. But what is behind it? Here are the key five goals with their corresponding measures: Meta-goal for audience flow management: Complete and comprehensive business overview via digital process management By using a digital booking system,…

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For all providers of tours, activities & attractions, there is basically only one real and urgent goal in the course of an upcoming opening: the quick restoration of a steady income stream / cash flow. While this is obvious and easy to say, it does require some systematics and prioritization from our perspective. Therefore, we have…

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Floor Rameckers began working for Tiqets in 2015 when the Dutch-based travel and tourism startup had only 25 employees. She started as a City Manager for Amsterdam, she then moved onto being a Regional Manager, and in 2018, she stepped into the role of Regional Director of Northern Europe.  Tell us a bit more about…

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In addition to selling through your own channels, especially your homepage and social media profiles and, if applicable, your own website, you have two other important pillars at your disposal to attract as many and new potential end customers as possible and thus multiply the reach for selling your experience: Online Marketplaces / OTAs On…

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Amidst your personal frustration about a renewed closure of your Tour, Activity or Attraction, do not forget that your participants are also disappointed. They were looking forward to a great experience, wanted to redeem a gift or treat themselves after the first lockdown.  Since we are all in this situation together, you should definitely make…

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The corona crisis has brought global tourism to a standstill and it will take some time before the sales figures of 2019 can be reached again. The lockdown will not last forever and, in the meantime, attractions and leisure activities in Europe are slowly starting to reopen their doors to visitors again. Some operators still…

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Digitising your ticket sales through partner companies and building your own sales network is only a few clicks away thanks to bookingkit Reach! Just invite your contacts in hotels, tourist information offices, travel agencies or any other partner company to connect with you on bookingkit Reach – at no extra cost!  In contrast to our…

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There will be no big company Christmas parties this year. Not only is the legal framework missing, but so is largely the “party mood.” As a result, some, especially larger companies will postpone or simply cancel their Christmas party. But alternatively, we expect a strong increase in company Christmas parties on a team level in…

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You want to attract customers from the region with your experience and improve your local marketing, but you don’t know how? In addition to offline advertising, social media and online travel agencies (OTAs), one important point for your local success strategy is often neglected – your website. On your website, interested visitors can find all…

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  In times of crisis, such as the current one caused by the rapid spread of the coronavirus, providers of tours and activities worldwide face unexpected challenges. Above all, the demand for tourist offers and leisure experiences evaporates virtually overnight. Official travel restrictions are imposed and recommendations are communicated to avoid certain regions and countries….

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