Channel Manager

One login to control all portals… That’s what bookingkit’s channel manager represents. Gain a complete overview of all of your most important marketing channels, and administer them all through our customer area, while also being able to activate new marketing channels with just one click. We partner with all of the largest and most important experience marketing platforms worldwide, so our customers can benefit from the greatest reach possible, and boost their bookings by 15% on average!

Manage All Channels

Manage all marketing platforms from your bookingkit account, syndicating quotas & availabilities in real time

Attract New Customers

Activate new channels and reach millions of new potential customers worldwide with just a couple clicks

Simplify Administration:

Reduce administrative tasks, avoid long queues and deliver a better customer experience

One Centralized System:

All your experiences now live in one place - on your bookingkit platform. From there we make sure to:

  • Syndicate your experiences with all desired marketing platforms
  • Synchronize your availabilities, bookings or cancellations in real-time (say goodbye to overbooking and defining manual quotas!)
  • Validate all tickets, regardless of whether they were purchased in person, via your website, or through any partner channel.
  • Optimize your costs per customer and automatically balance out bookings received from cheaper vs. more expensive channels.
  • Give you an overview of commission fees and bookings for all channels in one place.

Grow Your Reach

bookingkit has one of the most extensive partnership networks, and it is constantly growing! Reaching new customers has never been so easy. Benefit from:

  • Highly reliable and stable partner connections thanks to our deep, direct integrations.
  • Access to new channels periodically, and for free!
  • Be the first to connect with the most extensive network for Asian marketing platforms thanks to bookingkit’s exclusive partnerships
  • Gain more customers by allowing your experiences to be booked directly via Google, with no extra commission!

Get More Direct Bookings:

Once a customer comes in from a platform, keep them! Make sure you take advantage of our multiple after-sales opportunities to increase customer loyalty so you only pay commission on that customer once!

  • Collect customer data in a GDPR-compliant way
  • Send automated after-sales emails
  • Set up loyalty programs, request reviews on Trip Advisor, Google or Facebook, and offer discount codes with just a few clicks
  • You have complete ownership over your customer data.

Easy Integration

...Or dare we say virtually no integration?

  • All channels can be activated with just a slide of toggle.
  • No upfront integration fees
  • Your experience, quote and availability information is fed directly to your selected channels, no need for an extra login
  • Either use the partner deals which bookingkit has pre-negotiated, or keep your pre-established rates
  • Our Modular architecture permits you to integrate our channel manager seamlessly into your existing infrastructure

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