Audience Flow Management and what it is all about

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One of the central terms and basic requirements for reopening in the area of tours, activities & attractions is audience flow management. But what is behind it? Here are the key five goals with their corresponding measures:

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Meta-goal for audience flow management:

Complete and comprehensive business overview via digital process management

By using a digital booking system, each ticket sold creates a digital process that extends from booking to payment, validation or redemption, and finally to the completion of the activity. Throughout this process, a complete overview is available to you as an operator at every point – as a basis for decision-making but also for documentation purposes vis-à-vis the authorities.



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Core objective 1

Equalization of visitor flows through flexible pricing categories

By assigning different prices for different time periods, you steer potential customers to less busy periods, smoothing out and optimizing your capacity.


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Core objective 2

Compliance with capacity caps through time slot tickets

By selling a limited number of tickets for different time periods, adjusted to the theoretical minimum distance, you ensure compliance with all latest regulations. In return, your customers get an assurance
that they will actually get access to your tour, activity or attraction and won‘t have to turn back disappointed due to overcrowding.


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Core objective 3

Decreasing physical contact through contactless ticket validation & access control

By using digital scanners or integrating your booking system with existing turnstiles, you not only reduce contact between visitors and your team, but also control access to certain sectors of your offer.


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Documentation & contact tracing through data collection

In case a positive Covid-19 test from a pervious visitor is reported, it is crucial not only to quickly locate the affected additional visitors, but also to secure your proper operation against legal claims. Via continuously collected data, the creation of a corresponding contact list and documentation is possible at any time.



And after Corona?

Why audience flow management will continue to play an important role in the future

Once we have dealt with all the pandemic-related health challenges and put them behind us, the currently deployed features of a digital booking solution will retain their relevance. Even more, they remain a must-have. The reasons for this lie first in their prevalence and active use across the industry. Digital bookings are simply standard after Corona. But nothing establishes itself without providing lasting added value.

Thus, all of the above-mentioned audience flow management functions and their accompanying data are being used with a much stronger focus on optimizing revenue. For example, the tools around audience flow management provide a clearer view of customer segmentation and allow additional incentives to be developed from this to optimize utilization. Another example is the precise targeting of price categories. For example, customers may value privacy or smaller groups in the future and be willing to pay more for them. In summary, the use of audience flow management tools made necessary by Corona not only makes economic sense, but also has an impact on improving the overall user experience.


For more helpful information, check out our Ultimate Guide to Reopening Tours, Activities & Attractions 2021. Here we take a closer look not only at audience flow and capacity management but also at topics like pricing strategy, cancellation costs, conversion, and the bookingkit Channel Manager. The e-book is available for free.


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