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bookingkit – The perfect booking analysis software

With bookingkit’s booking-system, you cannot only manage your business and let your customers book your services online, but you can also anticipate future bookings and customise your offers according to past data. The magic word is “revenue management” that is also referred to as “yield management” or “booking analysis” by the hotel and aviation sectors.
Maximise your revenue with the booking analysis software
The purpose of booking analysis is to use different indicators to strategically increase your company’s profit. This is how it works: The booking analysis software from bookingkit uses a globally unique algorithm that analyses past data from reservations, participants, offers etc. and interprets them. Thus, you can easily optimise both your sales and income using these results.

bookingkit is the first and only booking software developed for the leisure activity sector with an online booking analysis feature.

Increased revenue, better overview and more time for you! Bookingkit is the most versatile solution for your business. It’s easy to install and lets you start immediately.

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Optimising offers with the booking analysis software

You can find an informative chart next to each date within your online booking calendar, where you manage all your events and reservations. This chart anticipates the number of participants and prospective customers for a specific date. On top of that, it’s also colour-coded:

  • Green:Participants who already booked.
  • Yellow:Number of participants that may book by the final date.
  • Red: Estimated amount of free spaces by the final date.

How to interpret your data in the booking analysis software from bookingkit

Our booking analysis software allows you to better adjust your offers to the expected booking rate. For example: If the rate is very high, opening up new dates for reservations could be a smart decision. Maybe you’ll also find out that the price for the event is too low and thus, you’d like to increase it. If you have a low participation rate, you can react quickly and offer incentives like promotional offers. These can be easily managed right within your bookingkit software. In a nutshell: With the booking analysis software, you can react in a timely manner and make the smartest decisions for your business.

Booking has never been so easy! Complete administrative tasks in a heartbeat and get ongoing online reservations.

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We are constantly improving our booking analysis tool for you

Our booking analysis software is constantly improving

The new online booking analysis feature that can help you increase your revenue is already part of your bookingkit booking software. However, the yield management module is not completely integrated. What this means: The booking analysis feature in the current version of our software isn’t the final one. In the near future, many other features will be integrated into the module. When the time comes, we’ll let you know immediately.

In case you have questions about our software and the current booking analysis feature, please contact our support team.

Bookingkit is excellent in many ways. Just find out for yourself!

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