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Bookingkit’s booking calendar: The best tool for your online schedule

These days, booking services or making reservations online happens in a blink of an eye. No matter if it’s a reservation at a restaurant, an appointment with a beautician or tickets to a concert – all it takes are just a few clicks. There’s no doubt about it: Online booking is practical and comfortable for all customers. However, it also bears huge advantages for service providers from various industries. Businesses can use online booking systems to increase their exposure and revenue, as well as their customer satisfaction.

At the heart of an efficient booking service is a smart booking tool that provides a responsive booking calendar. Bookingkit is the perfect solution for an experience provider like you! The online booking-system doesn’t only provide you with a well-organised availability calendar ready to be used on your website, but also facilitates all management processes within your company.

Whatever your offer is – aquatic sportsclimbing park, cooking classes or city tours – the booking calendar feature from bookingkit is designed to help you manage your reservations, offers and participants faster than ever! You can use your booking calendar from anywhere with the bookingkit-App for iOS and Android .

Increased revenue, better overview and more time for you! bookingkit is the most versatile solution for your business. It’s easy to install and lets you start immediately.

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Your monthly report in the booking calendar

The monthly report in the online booking calendar

Thanks to the monthly report feature in your booking calendar, you have a better idea of what your most popular days for bookings are. A quick glance also allows you to detect which of the days still have open slots. The monthly report provides the total number of participants and reservations per day. Four colours help you with the planning process:

  • White: no reservations for this day
  • Yellow: at least one reservation for this day
  • Orange: average availability
  • Red: day with most participants or reservations

You can click on a specific date to check all its events and reservations. Your calendar will show both the current and maximum number of participants, as well as the daily revenue. If you activate the “quota system” module, you can easily limit or increase the number of participants for a certain date through your online booking calendar.

Booking has never been so easy! Complete administrative tasks in a heartbeat and get ongoing online reservations.

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Your daily report in the online booking calendar

The daily report in the online booking calendar

Our daily report helps you manage your day-to-day and supports you with operational tasks. All events and offers are easy to identify through names and time slots. You can also use the different settings and filters in order to adjust what you want to look at in your availability calendar. Simply customise your display according to your needs and make direct changes to your reservations. That way, you’ll save lots of time when it comes to managing reservations and schedules.

In order to get specific information for an event, you only need to click on it. You’ll see the number of participants, the booked time slots and the booking price. Furthermore, you can also receive comments from customers and participants and information on expected payments. Rebooking services and cancellations also happen right within your online booking calendar.

The availability calendar combines all your calendars on your homepage

Everyone who deals with different applications, equipment and operational systems is forced to use many different calendars provided by Google, Outlook or Apple. Therefore, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and miss a date. In order to stay on top, bookingkit gives you the option to integrate all of your calendars into one single calendar within our booking software. bookingkit simply synchronises your availability calendar with all other online calendars. Use the iCal URL, which can be found in your booking calendar tab “Calendar Feed”. Synchronising your availability calendars on your homepage is completely free

Increased revenue, better overview and more time for you! bookingkit is the most versatile solution for your business. It’s easy to install and lets you start immediately!

Try bookingkit for free! Start today – We offer a 7-day trial without any commitment.

Simple integration in CMS systems

Bookingkit works with all standard Content Management Systems

It doesn’t matter if you use WordPress, Contao, Joomla!, Magento, TYPO3, Drupal or Jimdo as CMS – in just a few steps, bookingkit’s booking software can be easily connected with your preferred system. Another benefit: You can integrate the booking-system including the booking calendar in PHP. Only two lines of code need to be added to the back-end of your website. Then, you’ll have a complete overview of your events, with booking and payment availability directly integrated into your website. We’re happy to help you set up the software. Or you can follow all the necessary steps right here. In case you want to integrate bookingkit’s booking calendar with HTML code, you can customise its design through our Design Configurator.

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