The smart booking-system
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In this section, we’ll explain how you can increase your revenue by integrating an attractive and customisable booking system into your website. Our booking-system plugin for your WordPress website is all you need!

WordPress is one of the most popular providers for Content Management Systems (CMS). It’s free and offers an easy way to build and maintain a website. 28% of all websites are created with WordPress. Each basic CMS version can be modified by using extensions or so-called plugins. Bookingkit’s WordPress plugin allows you to add both the booking tool and the online calendar directly into the back-end of your WordPress website – that way, you can easily manage your reservations at any given time. In the future, your clients will experience simpler online reservations by using our smart booking-system for WordPress.

With bookingkit, integrating booking forms into your website has never been easier. Your offers and services will be much more visible and increase your number of online bookings and reservations!

Let our booking-system for WordPress inspire your customers

Everyone loves sharing special experiences with people they care about. For many of us, finding the right work-life-balance by participating in a wide range of leisure activities has become increasingly important. That’s why more and more people seek out special experiences like city tours, dance lessons or cooking classes, which can be easily booked online without having to go through third party providers. The best part: Online booking can be done from the comfort of your own home or even on the go.

With bookingkit, customers can create new special moments with just a few clicks. The only thing you need to do, is add the WordPress plugin to your website. There is no monthly fee since the integrated booking solution is free of charge. Learn about all important features that come with a booking-system in WordPress and other common CMS.

Innovative booking tools: Important features

A professional booking-system should have the following features:

Flexible payment options: Your customers should be able to select their preferred payment method, such as PayPal, Credit Card, EC direct debit, payment on site etc. By the way, PayPal has excellent security features when it comes to online payments and is therefore a popular option for many customers.

Real-time online reservations: Your customers can see all available dates and make instant reservations. Unavailable or reserved dates are marked accordingly and cannot be booked through another request.

Language and currency: International customers are important, especially in the tourism and leisure activity sector. That’s why you should offer multiple language options and always include English. Ideally, your online booking-system recognises the customer’s IP address and adjusts language and currency settings accordingly.

Design: Original texts and personalised fields create more trust among your customers.

Choose your customer data: You should always decide for yourself, which customer information you need to collect. Your clients’ data offers great insight and value to your business. Therefore, a professional booking software provider should present the data in a way that drives your marketing strategies.

Compatibility for mobile devices: Customers crave mobility. More and more people surf the web through their tablets and smartphones. Thus, it’s essential that your website automatically adjusts to different screen size.

SEO optimised: The way you integrate your online booking solution into your website should be optimised for search engines, so that Google & Co can easily evaluate your website’s performance and increase its visibility.

Coupons increase your revenue: Customers love coupons. That’s why you should offer an additional feature that allows users to apply promo codes. With our booking tool, you can easily sell and manage vouchers and promotional coupons. On top of that, coupons can be imported from external coupon portals such as Groupon, which your customers can apply when booking your services.

Your booking-system for WordPress – quick and easy

We’d love to show you how you can easily optimise your booking-system in WordPress. Click here to learn how to integrate the plugin from bookingkit.


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