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More sales with online bookings

bookingkit provides you with everything you need to get your business up and running online. Absolutely no technical knowledge is required. In no time at all, you can turn your website into a digital booking platform for PCs and mobile devices. Complete with unsurpassed coupon features and access to all standard payment methods.

bookingkit is the perfect fit for any website. Seamless integration coupled with reliable performance.

Unlike other systems, your customers will never know they're booking through bookingkit

Online booking directly through your website

bookingkit can be automatically integrated into your website in a matter of minutes, complete with your brand's colors and fonts for a seamless fit. Start offering your activities, tours and courses online with big, beautiful pictures, videos and maps to get your customers thrilled for the time of their lives. With availability information, pricing and special offers kept up to date around the clock. bookingkit's booking process is quick, easy and secure. Customers provide their booking information directly in the platform, so there's no need to log in or visit other websites. bookingkit is integrated using the latest technologies and current legal regulations.

More revenue, enhanced overview, and more time for what matters most! bookingkit is the all-in-one solution for your business.

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Sell coupons directly through your website! Happy customers means less stress for you.


bookingkit gives you all the tools you need to create, sell and process coupons, complete with immediate payout following booking. Setup is a breeze and requires no technical knowledge whatsoever.

Coupons are sent to customers via email seconds after booking — no need to set a specific appointment right away. Plus bookingkit lets you easily manage coupons from other providers and coupon websites.

Wähle aus verschiedenen Zahlungsmöglichkeiten

Quick and secure payments

Risk-free, easy transactions

Stop wasting time trying to handle each and every payment yourself. With bookingkit, you can accept payments right through your existing website and completely automate your payment process. Win back time for what matters most and gain full control over your business. Plus, with advanced payments, you can rest assured your customers will show up for their appointments. bookingkit supports payments via bank transfer, PayPal, credit card, SOFORT Überweisung, coupons and, of course, cash payments made in person. There's no extra fees, and you don't need a merchant account. And there's no need to wait — you can start offering secure online payments right away.

Bookings made easy for your business! Organize your administrative tasks better and get bookings online at any time.

Outstanding & secure! Trust the test winner. Try it for free now.

bookingkit automatically offers the option of multiple languages and currencies.

Mobile optimized design

bookingkit is a perfect fit for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. And the platform is always on the cutting edge, so you’ll never miss a customer no matter how they try to book. Plus: mobile optimizations also improve your listings on Google.

Support for multiple languages and currencies

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Make your services available in multiple languages and bring in more international customers. bookingkit makes it possible to display your website in more than one language. Standard content, such as buttons, are already available in translated variants, and customized content can easily be added as well.
Give customers from abroad the option of convenient, online booking before they embark on their trip. bookingkit can detect which country the customer is from and automatically select the right language for him or her. Wunderbar!

A wide range of currencies are also available, so you can accept payments no matter where your customers are from.

Social media integration

Generate new leads through your Facebook page. The bookingkit booking platform can be integrated into Facebook in a matter of clicks to open up new direct revenue opportunities.

More elaborate websites can be easily implemented with the bookingkit API.

Search engine optimization

In contrast to other booking solution providers, bookingkit integration actually improves your search engine rankings. bookingkit is recognized by search engines such as Google as an addition to your existing web presence, so you won't lose any traffic, and your current ranking won't suffer. Plus, bookingkit uses SEO optimized links and the latest search engine optimization technology, so your services are even easier to find than before.

bookingkit API for more sophisticated websites

Interested in a more extensive bookingkit experience? No problem. In addition to quick integration in a matter of minutes, you also get access to our well-documented API. This makes it easy for web developers and agencies to build more sophisticated websites with exactly the look and feel they want.

bookingkit has received several awards. Try it for yourself!

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In just 15 minutes our team will show
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