Product Expansion: bookingkit announces new products and services for dovetailing online and offline customer touchpoints

 Frank Scheibe

bookingkit, Europe’s leading software solution for digitalized tours and activities, has announced plans to introduce new products and services that will further dovetail online and offline booking and ticket sales for tour and activity operators. The portfolio expansion will include mobile devices developed specifically for selling and checking tickets on site, as well as the addition of new partners such as Zapier, Mailchimp and Hubspot to bookingkit’s own app store.

Despite the growing importance of digital booking for operators in the activities and experiences sector — the third-largest sector in the tourism industry — on-site ticket purchases continue to play a major role in sales. As of May 2019, bookingkit’s partnership with SumUp has made it possible for customers to pay for tickets with their debit or credit cards. Now, with the development of its own handheld devices, the software solutions provider is taking a further step towards enhancing the offline booking and sales experience. The affordable mobile devices feature specially designed app technology which makes point-of-sale purchases simple, enabling operators of bus tours, boat tours and other experiences to easily issue and check tickets on site. The pilot release of the devices is set to begin in November.

bookingkit has also announced an expansion of its app store. The store — which enables customers to use additional third-party services, such as the personnel scheduling system Papershift, via an interface in the bookingkit software — will now provide access to market-leading apps for bookkeeping, marketing and sales for all bookingkit customers. The expansion will include the newsletter service Mailchimp, the marketing solution Hubspot, and the productivity service Zapier.

With the addition of these new products and services, bookingkit continues to grow as a comprehensive all-in-one solution for operators of tours, activities and attractions. “In addition to providing tools for digital business management and online ticket sales, as well as access to prominent online marketing platforms such as GetYourGuide and Google, we are pushing further towards intelligently dovetailing our online services with offline customer touchpoints. In this way, we are addressing the needs of the fragmented tours and activities industry and are improving the management and sales options available to operators through new partnerships,” said Christoph Kruse, founder and managing director of bookingkit.

Frank Scheibe
Frank est un expert de l'industrie des voyages et des activités. Il présente les derniers faits, chiffres et tendances sur le blog bookingkit et dans la lettre d'information bookingkit. Pendant son temps libre, il aime passer du temps avec ses enfants et sa famille, faire du sport et manger de la bonne nourriture.


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