Connect your suppliers with the leading distribution channels.

One integration to connect with millions of customers!

bookingkit has built an extensive distribution network of OTAs, activity marketplaces, DMOs, travel agencies and tour operators. By integrating with bookingkit your vendors will increase their bookings more than 30% and availabilities are always up to date across all channels. These are the main benefits bookingkit can offer you:

Use bookingkit as a channel manager and offer your customers additional value.

Increased revenues for you and your suppliers!

Connecting through API, no manual integration!

All bookings will be synced in real time, no overbooking!

20+ of the world’s leading distribution channels

We connect you to the main marketing channels in the tours and activities market, with only one integration.

Our partnership with Vakario

Vakario is the French industry counterpart of bookingkit and is a specialist in the area of sales and management solutions for outdoor sports operators. The strategic partnership links the two companies’ platforms, allowing Vakario customers to use bookingkit’s distribution network. bookingkit’s marketing partners access Vakario online inventory of bookable sports and outdoor activities.

  • According to our


    David Grandadam

    Founder & CEO Vakario

    This partnership with bookingkit allows us to provide our customers with access to relevant multipliers in the tours and activities industry. This is especially convenient because we don't have to setup several new technical integrations to distribution channels but simply connect with them through bookingkit's API.

Connect your clients with distribution platforms that are used by millions of customers

A big challenge for activity booking systems is to offer their customers a wide external reach for their experiences. It is often the case that booking systems only have few distribution channels available to their vendors. If the activity providers want to use other platforms like TripAdvisor or GetYourGuide they have to manually update their availabilities.
If they don’t, there is a high risk of overbooking that creates a negative customer experience.

Use bookingkit as a channel manager

We can connect you to the biggest marketing channels in the field of tours and activities with only one integration. bookingkit has built a large network of marketing channels like TripAdvisor / viator, Expedia, Amadeus and any experiences focused marketplaces.
By connecting your inventory to bookingkit's API, we will act as a channel manager and help you distributing your products on these channels. All availabilities and bookings are synchronized to avoid common issues like overbooking. Our REST API is proven for that matter by numerous partners, our tech team will support you during the integration process and share best practices.
When you want to increase the reach for your inventory of bookable products, get in touch with us and we will guide you through the steps to get there.

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