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It is no secret that Summer 2020 is like no other. As concepts like social distancing and increased sanitary measures are part of everyone’s new normal and people are exchanging long distance vacations to experiences in their own cities, now is the perfect time for you as a provider to make sure you are equipped to handle new challenges and the increased flow of local tourists.


We have compiled learnings from our customers and partners to make sure we provide you with the perfect software to answer all of your needs, and that will help maximize your revenue this summer! Unlock the potential of local tourism, take control of your Marketing and deliver the best booking experience with our award-winning software.


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Understand The New Reality

Our world has changed. Stay informed, up-to-date and ensure compliance by employing a market-leading booking solution.

Tourism in 2020 is going local

Leverage your local connections and form synergies to grow revenue more than ever before!

Maximize Your Profits

Our software is built around allowing maximum flexibility, while still complying to capacity management & sanitary regulations.

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Online Prepayment
& Timed Ticket Slots

Online Ticket Sales

For increased capacity management and planning, the pre-purchasing of tickets online will virtually become a "must." Customers are also becoming more and more comfortable with online transactions, and will be doing much planning ahead from the comfort of their home still. Make sure tickets to your Activity or Attraction can be booked online in advance, for your peace of mind and that of your customers.

Timed Tickets

It is certain that, in order to better regulate the steady flow of people and avoid over-crowding, timed ticket slots will be increasingly important for most Activities and Attractions especially. You can no longer allow "anytime" entry, which will ultimately further help you regulate your capacity, and even maximize profits. This can be set up with just a couple clicks in bookingkit.

Contactless Payment, Scanning
& Turnstile Integration

Contactless Payment & Ticket Scanning

Contactless is Key. More and more people are relying on contactless credit cards and smartphones to make purchases. As this technology becomes more prevalent among all businesses, the same should be reflected in your activities. If you have your own cash desk system and scanning devices, we integrate with all major providers. And if not, we can also provide you with the hardware.

Turnstile Integration

We also integrate with all market-leading turnstile technologies, to make sure that your ticket and capacity management is perfectly accurate and synchronized.

Automated Cancellation
& Capacity Management

Automated Cancellation Management

A lot of us were personally effected by cancelled travel, hotels, etc. during these last few months. All businesses, especially those operating within the Tourism sector, need to be prepared to offer a seamless cancellation process to customers, as well as possibly more lenient policies. bookingkit synchronizes your availabilities across all channels in real time, while fully automating cancellation operations, so that you can still maximize your profits while offering your clients confidence.

Capacity Management & Reporting

The conversation is no longer around increasing capacity, but instead about capacity management. How do you ensure a steady flow of customers without violating any legislations, while also being able to accurately report on capacity at any given moment? A centeralized booking management system like bookingkit is your answer.

Reserve with Google
& bookingkit Channel Manager

Reserve with Google

When tourists are putting together a trip, be it a long-term trip or just an evening at a cooking class, they most often use (Google) search to look for opportunities. Our partnership with Reserve with Google makes your experiences bookable directly through search engines from Google Search results, on Google Maps or via the Reserve with Google platform itself. This helps increase conversion, ease of purchase, and improves the customer journey. And what’s more, this can be activated with one click from our backend!

Channel Manager

Aside from Google search, tourists look for offers on platforms that offer a sufficiently diverse selection of different possibilities for local tours and activities, like Trip Advisor, GetYourGuide, etc. bookingkit’s Channel Manager helps you save time by allowing you to manage all marketing platforms from your bookingkit account, syndicating quotas & availabilities in real time and activate new channels to reach potential customers.


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